PHP class for accessing the API for Vend

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Vend API class

This is a basic PHP class for using the API for Vend ( It is at a really basic state but it does exactly what I need at the moment. Feel free to add any issues/bugs and send me any pull requests. Or contact incode for support

Basic Usage

require 'vendapi.php';
$vend = new VendAPI\VendAPI('','username','password');
$products = $vend->getProducts();

NB this will only grab the first 20 or so results. To grab all results set $vend->automatic_depage to true

$vend->automatic_depage = true;
$products = $vend->getProducts();

Add a Product

$donut = new \VendAPI\VendProduct(null, $vend);
$donut->handle = 'donut01';
$donut->sku = '343434343';
$donut->retail_price = 2.99;
$donut->name = 'Donut w/ Sprinkles';
echo 'Donut product id is '.$donut->id;

Add a Sale

$sale = new \VendAPI\VendSale(null, $vend);
$sale->register_id = $register_id;
$sale->customer_id = $customer_id;
$sale->status = 'OPEN';
$products = array();
foreach ($items as $item) {
    $products[] = array(
        'product_id' => $item->product_id,
        'quantity' => $item->quantity,
        'price' => $item->price
$sale->register_sale_products = $products;

echo "Created new order with id: ".$sale->id;

Other cool stuff

$vend->getProducts(array('active' => '1', 'since' => '2012-09-15 20:55:00'));

NB Check the vend api docs for supported search fields. If a search field isn't supported all results will be returned rather than the zero I was expecting

$coffee = $vend->getProduct('42c2ccc4-fbf4-11e1-b195-4040782fde00');
echo $coffee->name; // outputs "Hot Coffee"
if ($product->getInventory() == 0) {
  $coffee->name = 'Iced Coffee';


To debug make a call to the debug() function. eg: